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The Club for Boys enjoys a rich history. Over 39,000 boys have passed through our doors since 1963. We invite alumni to register so they can be notified of special events held from time to time and receive our quarterly newsletter.

"When I look back on my experiences at the Club, I realize the positive influence the Club had on my life. It gave me structure, it helped me stay out of trouble, it made me feel good about myself, and I loved the all-encompassing caring attitude the staff had for the boys. No matter where you turned, there was a caring adult."
Josh W.
"As an adult now, when I look back at my time at the Club, I know my experiences there were a positive influence on my life. I learned patience, the ability to teach others, it advanced my abilities to cook, the importance of helping others, and to try and really understand a problem and then work towards a solution. I am glad I had the Club when I was growing up."
-Casey P.
"I was a member from about 1977 until 1984. I went to the Club mainly because I needed a safe place to hang out. There is no doubt in my mind that the Club kept me and my friends out of trouble. It gave us a place to go, things to do, and provided a staff that played games with us."
-John M.
"The Boys Club kept me very busy and gave me a safe place to hang out. I not only felt accepted when I went to the Club, I felt like I belonged. I believe I have the kind of life I do because of all the positive experiences I had at the Boys Club."
-Darrell D.
"The Club made it possible for me to experience a lot of different activities that I would otherwise not been able to do."
-George S.
"The Club had a great influence on me. The staff at the Club kept me in school, they taught me to be responsible for my actions, and I learned the importance of patience."
-Eugene M.
"The first job I ever had was at the Club. I was a counter boy and it taught me a work ethic, to be honest and have integrity and whatever the job, always do the best that you can do. Those values are important to me in the business I own today."
-Jeff D.

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