Board Members

Dedicated to improving and guiding the lives of young boys in Rapid City, our board works hard to manage the Club for Boys interests and keep the program growing for our members.

Meet our Board

Jamil Abourezk,

Fire Fighter/Medic

“I wanted to join the Boys Club because it's so important for the kids to have a positive influence around them. I used to go to the Club when I moved to Rapid City in 1992 and know how great it is have a program like this in a child's life.”

Hugh T. Boyle,

Financial Advisor

"I serve on the Rapid City Club for Boys Board to grow men into better men and husbands."


Lonnie Braun,

Lawyer/Partner at Thomas Braun Bernard and Burke, LLP

“Club for boys makes a positive difference in lives of boys, and provides services for boys who otherwise would go without.”

Jane Doyle,

Business Owner/Retired Attorney

“I serve on the board because the club is so important to the boys. Many of these boys need a safe place after school and in the summer. They need something to eat, someone to be there for them. It is important for the community.”


Mark Hasvold,

Retired (Bierschbach Equipment and Supply)

“My company, my family and myself have all been blessed in many ways, I want to give back."

Christian Haugo,

VP/GM Haugo Broadcasting

“I choose to volunteer my time to the Club for Boys Board because I believe the Club is such a strong, positive force in the lives of many Rapid City boys, especially those less fortunate.”


Don Hedrick,

Assistant Chief at Rapid City Police Department

"Very proud to serve our wonderful community and the Boys Club. Working with our youth can be considered an investment in the future of our city. We are lucky to have such a great resource available in the Club for Boys."

Rob Hengen,

Business Owner, Great Harvest Bread, Black Hills Tent and Awning

“I’m honored to serve on the board because I believe in the Club and what it offers to the community. The staff provides guidance, growth and caring support for these children.. Programs within the club provides opportunities that many of these young children would never have had a chance to be part of.”


Steve Kalkman,


“I serve on the board because the Club for Boys serves a need for the service in our community and the management staff are great to work with.”

Luke Lester

Lester Hospitality Management

“The Club for Boys is an important organization that enables the boys to reach their full potential in a safe place.  Serving gives me great fulfillment knowing that I can help with a need that exists in Rapid City."


Sam Mortimer,

Pediatrician (Retired)

“Great organization, great kids and great need.”

Kathy Oulman-Johnson,

Clerical, Rushmore Clinic

“I believe in the mission of the club and its positive impact on youth in Rapid City.”


Gene Reiling

Taylor Sagen,

Site Manager at Lage Construction

“I believe in the Club’s mission and see the positive impact it has in our great community.”


Brett Simons ,

Security First Bank

“Youth activities, teaching, and coaching have always been an important facet in my life. Seeing the life changing programs and atmosphere the Club is able to offer the boys in our community inspired me to want to be a part of the organization.”

Mike Theis,

Director, Utility Strategies at Black Hills Power

“I enjoy creating opportunities for kids to get started on the right track in life, many of which may not have the opportunity without the Club. It’s also important to me that these kids have a safe, friendly place to go, when they may not have that if the Club for Boys did not provide that place.”


Pat Tlustos,


“Serving gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I'm able to help better the lives of the boys and their families. The club so often provides the one constant, safe and caring refuge in their lives.”

Craig Tieszen,

State Senator/Retired Police Chief

“The Club for Boys is the best of many fine non-profit organizations servicing our community. It is a place where boys can play games, meet their friends, do their homework and go on a hike; all while learning to be productive citizens.”