Club for Boys Staff

Our staff is comprised of caring, honest, and inspiring people who have dedicated their lives to "boys work" in Rapid City. They are highly-trained, mature, and professionally-qualified individuals. The staff is here because they are dedicated to helping our members learn the skills they need to succeed in life.

Operations Staff

Doug Herrmann

Doug Herrmann,

Executive Director 
A native of Custer, SD and a graduate of Custer High School. Doug received his bachelor and master degree from the University of Nebraska -Lincoln where he also played football for the Huskers.

"I retired from the State of SD in March 2016 after 30 years working in the juvenile justice field. Working for The Club for Boys matches a dream job I have had in making a huge impact with boys much sooner in their lives by involving them in pro-social fun stuff."

Fun Fact: I am a huge fan of the Andy Griffith Show (and Barney Fife).

Dave Oyler

Dave Oyler,

Professional Consultant 
Born and raised in Rapid City, Dave attended Garfield School, North Junior High, and Central High. He graduated from Chadron State College with a degree in Psychology and Sociology, and started working for the Club on September 1, 1966.

"I wanted to work at the Club from the time I was a teenager. There was some special about this place and there still is. I continue to work here because I feel it is a place where you can make a positive difference in the lives of children."

Fun Fact: I was a turkey hunting guide for 14 years. Over that time period I guided hunters from 27 different states.

Mark Kline

 Mark Kline,

Assistant Executive Director
Grew up in Rapid City, SD and started at Club for Boys on April 8, 1988.

 "I wanted to make a difference in the world and felt that working with kids would be the most rewarding."

Fun Fact: Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

Carri Redmond

Carri Redmond,

Program Director
Grew up in Nebraska, and started           May 1, 1992, with an additional 2 years as a college work study student.

"Since I started working at the Club when I was 18, the Club has been like my family. I have loved watching the many boys grow up and now I get to see their boys come through the doors."

Fun Fact: I love French fries dipped in a chocolate shake.

Roni Ackerman

Accounting Manager


Kathy Houchin

Kathy Houchin,

Administrative Assistant
Kathy started at Club For Boys in May 2010

"I like to work at the Club because it's a place that gives our boys in the community a safe and caring place to grow. The people I work with are the best."

Fun Fact: I love motorcycle riding

Kelly Butler

Kelly Soderlin,

Membership Services Assistant
Kelly started working at Club for Boys in February 2014.


 "I love working at the Club for Boys because I believe every child has a purpose in this world and I love being a part of them achieving their dreams."

Fun Fact:  I love having dance contests with my children.

Kelly Butler

Rebecca Brady

Membership Services Assistant

 "I wanted to work at the Club for Boys because it was the best of both worlds for me. I recently graduated with a teaching degree and wasn’t sure what I was going to do next, so I started looking for jobs that were interesting to me. I came across the position at the Club for Boys and it sounded like a lot of fun because I was still able to work with kids, but I also got to do office work—which is something I really enjoy doing as well. During my interview, I really liked the positivity of the staff and how they stressed that all staff was part of the Club for Boys family and therefore worked together to get things done."

Fun Fact:  I love playing games and always have since I was little. My mom would have to make up games to play in the car on road trips so I wouldn’t fall asleep and then stay up all night when we got to the motel.

Sara Gentry

Sara Gentry,

Club for Boys Foundation Executive Director
Grew up in Rapid City, and then left for 32 years to work for the Palestinian Arabs, living in Washington, DC and Jerusalem. She returned to Rapid City and started at the Club in 2006.

"I love working at the Club because of the interaction with the boys. Visiting with the boys gives you a whole new outlook on life and makes you smile daily."

Fun Fact: I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Chantel Evans

Chantel Evans,

Director of Special Projects 

Chantel grew up in Dell Rapids, South Dakota and started working at the Club for Boys in February 2015.

"I love working at the Club for Boys because you are always greeted with a smile, a high five or a hug. The boys and staff are amazing and ever since my first day working here, I knew my life would never be the same."

Fun Fact: When I was younger and I played basketball I shot inside the free throw line left handed but outside of the free throw line and to the 3 point line I shot right handed.

Bill Stewart, Club for Boys Foundation Maintenance Director

Bill Stewart,

Maintenance Director
Bill started at the Club for Boys in 2016. He grew up being at the Club for Boys.

"To spend time with our members and give back to the place where you grew up."

Fun Fact: Bill likes to sew.

Program Staff

William Richardson, Younger Boys Program Director

William "Rich" Richardson,

Younger Boys Program Director
A transplant from North Carolina, Rich was sent to South Dakota by the Air Force after spending 5 years in Japan. After serving 23 years, Rich retired and begun working as a counselor for people with special needs, joining the Club for Boys team in 2008.

"The day that I interviewed for this job I Knew that this is where I wanted to be . To have the chance of taking a young mind, and filling it full of hope is what I wanted to continue to do . I was impressed by the passion and caring the staff had for the young men that they worked with, and I wanted to be a part of that."

Fun Facts: I love joking around, playing games, challenging the minds of the young men, telling them about the places I've been the people I've meet and all the yucky thing I've eaten in other countries, just to see their faces. I love to talk, sing and listen

Phil Martin

Phil Martin,

Juniors Program Director
Grew up in Rapid City, SD, and started at Club for Boys on February 8, 1996.

"I started at the Club as a Volunteer and soon found working with youth to be both challenging and rewarding plus filled with ever changing fun."

Fun Fact: The smell of the skunk brings back good road trip memories

Kelly Butler

Jay Cooley

Older Boys Athletic Director
Jay joined the Club for Boys in 2015.

 Fun Fact: I am a dolphins fan.

Kelly Butler

 Jared Lowry

Younger Boys Athletic Director
Jared started working at the Club for Boys in 2015.

Fun Fact:  I'm a twin.

Nick Lowry

Nick Lowry,

Program Supervisor
Nick started working with the Club for Boys in 2009.

Fun Fact: I'm a twin.

Kelly Butler

Cindy Lloyd

Social Recreation Director
Cindy started working at the Club for Boys from 1998 to 2014. She came back to the Club in 2016.

Cindy loves working at the Club for Boys because she loves the imagination of all the boys.

Fun Fact:  She is a vegetarian.

Travis Koller

Travis Koller,

Outdoor Program Director Assistant
Travis started working at the Club for Boys the fall of 2015.

Travis started coming to the Club for Boys when he was 6. He wants to work at the Club for Boys because he knows all of the kids so he works really well with them.

Fun Facts: Travis is a huge soccer fan. His favorite team is Real Madrid.

Kelly Butler

Zach Brown

Older Boys Program Director
Zach started volunteering at the Club for Boys in 2015. He started working at the Club for Boys in October of 2016.


"I started working at the Club for Boys so that I can have a large imact on the lives of youth and I am looking forward to being a positive mentor to our members."

Fun Fact: I am a HUGE rock collector.

Ida Walter

John Strommen,

Director of Education
John transplanted to Rapid City from east river (Huron) and has serve the Club for Boys off and on ,each year, since 1980. His motivation was to teach and coach youth life lessons through athletics. 

"I have probably learned more from the Club than I have taught.  From my first day I was welcomed and accepted.  The Club is a great place to work!" 

Fun Fact: I spent 8 days in Nicaragua and handed out Bibles, built dwellings from tin and rough lumber, and climbed a live volcano...and made it back down.

Sarah Haines

Sarah Haines,

Nutritional Director
Sarah started working at the Club August 2013.

"I love working at the Club because I love interacting with the kids.  They make your day exciting and joyful.  You never know what one will do to make you smile or laugh.  The staff is a wonderful group of people who take care of pretty amazing kids every day.  You really have to have a great heart to be able to do this job."

Fun Fact: I make diaper cakes for baby showers.  I also love to go four wheeling and snowmobiling.


Leah Warshaw

Leah Warshaw

Assistant Nutritional Director
Leah was born in Winner, SD and started working at the Club for Boys in 2017.


 "I was a stay-at-home for 16 years and then worked in long-term care for 7 years. After working with people at the end of their lives, I was ready to work with people earlier in their lives. After seeing the longevity of some of the staff and meeting several men who grew up as members of the Club and now work or volunteer here, I was convinced this was a very good place to work."

Fun Fact: I love to play Zalda and Skyrim. I was born the same day Dave Oyler started at the Club for Boys.


Lynn Lafferty,

Arts and Crafts Director
I was an educator for many years and I started at the Club for Boys in August 2014. My task is to help boys improve their reading, which is such a valuable and needed life skill.

"I love working with boys because they want to be here and the staff is truly dedicated."

Fun Fact: I have a large marble collection, which I started when I was young. I always know where my marbles are. In other words, I never lose my marbles!


Clayton "Clay" Quinton,

Individual Services Director
Grew up in South Dakota and started at Club for Boys on August 24, 2004.

"I love working for a place that is such a positive influence in so many people's lives."

Fun Fact: Clay spent his last three years of high school in Germany.


Assistant Education Director



Tyler Smoragiewicz

Outdoor Program Director
I have a strong passion for everything in the outdoors. I love sharing my passions with others and teaching them lifelong skills.

 "I wanted to work at the Club for Boys because it is a great opportunity to share the outdoors with a new generation and live in a place that I love."

Fun Fact: In elementary school my nickname was Rep-Tyler because I love reptiles.