Younger Boys Program - Clubhouse 

Boys have changing interests as they grow and develop, and the Club for Boys designs internal programs for the different age groups. The boys in the Clubhouse Program may be the "babies of the family" but are an active and quickly growing group!

The Clubhouse Program is designed for younger members ages 6 to 9 years of age. We engage these children with a variety of activities such as movies, games, free play, carpet ball, Wii, and Nerf gun wars, as well as other contests and tournaments.

During good weather, we get the boys out in the sun with sand box, basketball, water guns, scooters, and other outdoor activities.

William Richardson, Younger Boys Program Director

Rich Richardson

Younger Boys Program Director

A transplant from North Carolina, Rich was sent to South Dakota by the Air Force after spending 5 years in Japan. After serving 23 years, Rich retired and begun working as a counselor for people with special needs, joining the Club for Boys team in 2008.

Fun Facts: I love joking around, playing games, challenging the minds of the young men, telling them about the places I’ve been the people I’ve meet and all the yucky thing I’ve eaten in other countries, just to see their faces. I love to talk, sing and listen.

"The day that I interviewed for this job I Knew that this is where I wanted to be . To have the chance of taking a young mind, and filling it full of hope is what I wanted to continue to do . I was impressed by the passion and caring the staff had for the young men that they worked with, and I wanted to be a part of that."