Juniors Program: Hideout

Not quite teenagers, but no longer little boys, our Juniors Program is designed for members ages 10 to 12. By providing a special "Hideout" these members have a place to hang out with boys their own age, and can continue developing skills and relationships with other boys through activities such as board games, Legos, movies, a fort, video games, bumper pool and more!

Garden Club

Special to our Juniors Program, members of The Hideout have a summer garden club. Boys are taught how to plant, nurture, and grow a garden of their very own! You would be surprised to see how many green thumbs we find here at the Club for Boys.

During good weather, we get the boys out in the sun with sand box, basketball, water guns, scooters, and other outdoor activities.

Phil Martin

Junior Boys Program Director

Grew up in Rapid City, SD, and started at Club for Boys on February 8, 1996.

Fun Fact: The smell of the skunk brings back good road trip memories.

"I started at the Club as a Volunteer and soon found working with youth to be both challenging and rewarding plus filled with ever changing fun."