Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Program

Arts & Crafts is so much more than glitter and puffy paint at the Club for Boys! Members can participate in a wide selection of classes and activities with real world applications.


Boys can learn how to use tools and complete woodworking projects in the shop. Older members can mentor younger boys, and pass their skills on to their “little brothers”. Boys must pass the power tool test and get a permission slip signed by a parent before they can use the power tools in the shop.


By broadening their imaginations, boys can create arts and crafts using various materials, and honing their shop tool skills to take their project to a whole new level.


Watch their world grow when boys participate in special groups such as photography club or take up guitar lessons.

Lynn Lafferty,

Assistant Education Director

I was an educator for many years and I started at the Club for Boys in August, 2014. My task is to help boys improve their reading and math, which are such a valuable and needed life skills. Education opens doors.



Arts and Crafts Calendar (PDF)