Management of the Club for Boys

Gifts to the Club for Boys

The Club for Boys is a well-managed non-profit organization that adheres to national standards of operation. A minimum is spent on fundraising and management and general so that 89 cents of every $1 donated is spent on programs for the boys. The charts below illustrates FY16 expenses and sources of income.

FY16 Club for Boys Income by Category

$1,666,161 Total

Grant Revenue 31%
Direct Contributions 24%
Thrift Store Proceeds 18%
Special Events 14%
Foundation 6%
United Way 6%
Membership & Misc. 1%

FY16 Club for Boys Expenses by Category

$1,666,161 Total

Program 89%
Management & General 9%
Fundraising 2%

Note of explanation for FY16 finances

In FY16, the Club for Boys also collected money to be used for capital expenses such as repairs to the roof, 2 new HVAC systems and other improvements to the Club’s building; the charts do not include income or expenses which were set aside in capital reserve and endowment funds because they are unusual items and won’t be spent until FY17 or thereafter.  In addition, the Club’s 990 tax return includes the expenses and income of the Thrift Store which operates separately from the Club; therefore, the tax return doesn’t fully reflect the Club as an afterschool program which is another reason the charts more accurately depict the finances of the Club for Boys.


Donation & Support Opportunities    990 Tax Form