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Boys are smart and creative,

and the Club for Boys channels this creativity by giving members the opportunity to develop their personal health, physical fitness, and desire to learn to the fullest capacity. Our staff is dedicated to helping boys succeed in life, and place a huge emphasis on positive guidance.

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Although the Club for Boys has been in four different locations since 1963, no matter where we are, it is always busy. The Club fulfills many needs in the lives of the boys in the community and has been a consistent, positive influence on the lives of over 39,000 different boys through the years.

The Club is much more than a place for recreation. Emphasis is placed on everyday guidance. Every boy is presented an equal opportunity and is encouraged and directed by trained, professional staff members to develop to his fullest capacity. Programs are designed to help boys of all ages increase their knowledge and skills year-round.

The Club for Boys is dedicated to providing positive experiences that develop self-esteem and character in a caring, safe, and fun environment for all boys.

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The Thrift Store benefitting the Club for Boys is dedicated to providing quality and value in a customer focused environment through the generous support of our community, staff, and volunteers.

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The mission of the Club for Boys Foundation is to enhance and manage an endowment fund supporting the Club for Boys.

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The Club for Boys accepts new members all year long.  If you are a boy between the ages of 6 and 17, you can be a member of the Club for -